Sometimes, you can be too clever!!

Well!  I’ve been on the NHS ‘Conveyor belt’  and I am now home!

Just getting back here has had  a profound positive effect on my mental attitude.  I didn’t get much sleep in hospital and was in a lot of pain(morphine helped for the immediate 48hrs after the procedures.

The ‘simple’ Laparoscopy and cyst removal that was  scheduled as a 40 minute procedure turned out not to be!  I was under the ether for about 3 hours and I had a feeling things would develop from the worsening symptoms and pain I’d been experiencing..

However, I am now the circuit queen of my own garden!  Started with 6 times round and I am now completing 20 a day.  Yesterday, I went for a 2-21/2 mile walk on the coastal path(even I know, by to-days results, it was rather ambitious of me – but how do you know what you’re capable of unless you give it a go??)

Anyway, I am looking forward to getting stronger each day and the  upside is  I’ve read some excellent books, furthered my knowledge on DSLR photography, had a good sort out of all my stuff and am concentrating on planning walks later in the year.

Hope you are keeping well out there and look forward to catching up with your creative progress!

Best wishes

Barbara X

serious subjects

More waiting and an operation delay possible…………………………………………………..

So fed up!!  I had the pre op. assessment Wednesday and the 18th was pencilled in for the operation.

  BUT, (and there are always one or two attached to any major event in my life).  The outcome of the lung tests will have a bearing on the ability to get this operation done and No-one seems to be able to tell me the results, yet!

My back garden
Just waiting for a break……………..

Have explained this on Wednesday and asked for notification, otherwise the op will be put back until after my chest clinic appointment.  Frankly, I am suffering with this now and things are definitely worse, so I’m just waiting, waiting, waiting for that letter and hoping that nothing stops this operation!

Wish me luck!



Into every life, a little rain must fall………………..

This blog is dedicated to serious subjects and I ‘m so sorry to have become one!  Healthwise,  things are not too ‘fine an dandy’ .   I am nursing my poor  husband who has just come out of Hospital after a long-awaited operation.  I am so glad he is on the mend, though it is quite tiring and worrying.

 Sadly, he’ll need to be looking after me, this Summer(depending on the waiting time, of course)

I have seen consultants, had numerous blood tests and lung function tests, because of lingering chest infections and a racking cough( some of them were fun)

 I have now discovered, whilst looking for the solution to a totally unconnected problem, that I have a fairly large ovarian cyst – ( not my best day!)

  Feel very tired and uncomfortable, don’t feel like creating anything, can’t seem to get up the interest.  Although, I am toying with the idea of something to reflect how I’m feeling?…..maybe…………maybe not……………

So, upshot is – awaiting lung test results and an operation.  Then, when I’m fit enough,some physiotherapy for  longstanding back/shoulder problems.

Please don’t think this post is a plea for a sympathy vote, only my explanation and apology for lack of posting.

  Hopefully, I will have something to show before Christmas! 🙂

 Barbara M


A little clue, a tiny hint on the direction to take…………

P1150417I knew that this void was not just void, but a doorway to another dimension.  The stitches – do they keep things out, or hold things in?

Here lies a tiny clue, nestling alongside the incomplete threads as to the direction I will be taking………………..                                                                                               P1150422

A connection –  a common denominator for 2 completely different pieces of work.


Lost and Found………………

P1150408I have now integrated the bottom slip for Faded Sapphires………  There was a lot of buttonholing to do, but that had to be the stitch.

The time spent securing these fragile edges was time well spent.  I now have to work out a suitable hanging method for the top, I’m thinking loops with maybe some petal/leaf applique or to just go with a straightforward binding?  What do you think?


I have something rattling around in the background but it hasn’t come to centre stage, yet, it’s keeping me waiting……..


 Many things  just slip away through the missing threads of life’s fabric, but where do these precious things go?

Is there a place for them,  somewhere safe?

What if my  2nd piece  is the answer to these questions and also a response to the piece itself??

It will be.



I admit, I’ve slipped up – but it feels right!

slip in place

Puzzling over just how to finish edges on Faded Sapphires  I needed to have the design broken up as it travels downward, it was a start with the reverse applique, and I wanted the bottom edge to be less substantial than the main body of the piece.

Answer, good old fusing and cutting(Thank you, Margaret 🙂  Then, the next problem of using the organza.   Even in 2 layers I knew it wouldn’t be substantial enough to attach to the main section and if I attached the traditional style of interfacing it would not be fun burning it(stinks to high heaven).

Yahoo!  Found some Evelon which is suitable and away I went!

Pleased with the look of this and I can integrate with some stitching and may need to look at the bottom right corner for more  cutwork. (Please note the black areas are not really black, just the light playing tricks with this fabric)

Now I have the sides sorted out, there is just the matter of the top and trying more leaf placement.

I want to try to be ‘simpatico’ with the slip base, but don’t want to overpower the main focus.  Should I use loops behind plain top/ add small slip leaves  applique two small Sprays over the tabs???

The bottom right corner needs more disintegration – holes/reverse applique/ eyelets?

The little grey cells are SO enjoying this exercise :}