serious subjects

Serious Stitches.

I have often been described many times as being a fun person, and my work as being light-hearted and amusing.  

 Life can be anything but  – in fact lately, it has been very serious. 

I never ‘whine online’ about any of it(the last thing anyone needs to hear!), but I feel like I should really be trying to produce work that carries more weight. Pieces that reflect a more  sombre side, letting some of  those  half – born ideas and feelings  I have been tucking away, see the light of day.

I am one of those creatives  who manage to keep life’s troubles bearable  by producing colourful, amusing pieces,  or experimenting with new ideas and methods.  I have to keep my mind active and the act of producing something  is my joy.

For me,  this is only  a temporary  form of escapism,  lasting as long as the act of creation with dissatisfaction soon following.  Is the omission of acknowledging the existence of the sad and ugly side of things through my work because I feel it is  unpalatable to the blogging world?  Or is it because I am more than aware of life’s injustices and mankind’s failings and just too sensitive?

I don’t know –   but the time has come to get a bit serious.

This block is part of a personal challenge for 2013 called ‘bite-sized pieces’.  I will be using different techniques and creating a block for each month of this year. March’s block covers a modern take on cutwork using silk and a modern synthetic fabric.

This particular one will reflect a personal decision plus a few reflective thoughts.  It will be called – H.M.T.O.T.D and uses my version of the tree of life motif.

Very appropriate.

The start of March’s block

This is just the starting point – cutwork upon cutwork. The background colour has yet to be decided upon. I will post the various stages as I complete.Hope you can drop by now and then to follow the journey.



2 thoughts on “Serious Stitches.”

  1. Love this post, probably because it mirrors some of my thoughts on why I embroider, fun or serious your pieces are lovely and so well done. I look forward to seeing where your expressions amusing, sad, or dissatisfied take you and take shape. All the best, Wayne K

  2. Ahhhhhhhh, coming to the “other side”, the side that is open and honest, that need not be pretty , common or looking for compliment–that is when Art is made. I’m liking your new direction and devotion to expression.

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