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Hanging My Tears Out To Dry………………

Hanging my tears out to dry.

Having just completed this piece and feel I should share it with you, along with the following explanation.

This piece is my interpretation and variation on an old, very well-known symbol.  The tree of life portrays the continuity and fecundity of life.  I have used it to represent a more personalized portrayal.

I believe there are many different pathways in life, some built on sorrow, some on joy.  Each event  leaves its mark on us, whether through comedy or tragedy they touch our very soul and there, tears are first born.  We can choose to dam them up inside, or let them free.

Tears of anger that are quick to form.

Tears of joy which lift our spirits.

The most powerful of all, tears of love and compassion.

Tears of faith for those who have sacrificed themselves in God’s name and in thanks for his many gifts.

Tears of loss which seem never-ending; squeezed from the heart and formed by the pain of despair.

So many tears.

Sooner or later a decision has to be made and it takes a great deal of courage to just set them free.  It took me, personally,  a long time to realize that this was the only way to move on.  I consider it a given, that these won’t be the last ones I shed but from

To-day my new words for the future will be Faith and Acceptance.

So, here they are, I’m hanging my tears out to dry and waiting for the winds of change to evaporate them.   I have a feeling it won’t be long.


9 thoughts on “Hanging My Tears Out To Dry………………”

  1. Dear Barbara,
    ‘A little bit of love in every stitch’ is often said about quilts made to celebrate a wedding, birth, birthday or anniversary.
    I believe there is not only love, but healing power, in stitching, just as there is in a prayer. I believe that for every stitch taken to create something, our sorrow is lessened, our burden made lighter, our peace of mind strengthened…
    You have taken a great step forward by hanging out your tears to dry.
    It is a wonderful piece of art.

  2. Barbara, such a moving and inspiration post. I never thought about tears in that way. Tears that have so many different meanings. Beautiful. And your tree of life – well I think that it is the perfect metaphor and that all those tears will water it and make it grow strong and beautiful.

    1. Thank you for such lovely comment! It took a while to create this, but I’m glad I did.
      Working on another piece(still in my head and not on fabric yet).
      Thanks for stopping by

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