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Goodbyes are never easy………………

At last you have one
At last you have one

I write this with a heavy heart.  Sometimes words have to be wrung out one by one and they’re not enough, they will never really translate my feelings to paper.

How long does a relationship need to have continued to be considered

life-long?   I always felt as though I’d known you all my life.

Roni, you were one of those wonderful characters who impressed me and drew me to you within minutes of being introduced.  A wonderful woman who had a long, interesting and full life, a person who may have been petite in stature but made a huge impact on those you came into contact with, never afraid to speak out against what you thought to be unfair judgements or ill-considered actions; and never afraid to air those opinions!

My conversations with you always had a  feeling of easiness and familiarity.  Your humour had such a modern, sharp quality that I will always treasure, your strength and determination enabled you to end your days surrounded by a loving family and in the comfort of your own home.

Thanks Roni, for the laughs, the songs we sang together, the chats about the old days and your friendship which was so precious to me.

Goodbye my little pal.

Barbara X


2 thoughts on “Goodbyes are never easy………………”

  1. so sorry to read you had lost a dear friend, my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. One consolation as you have a faith you know she is in the arms of our loving Farther and all is well with her. You have some wonderful memories of times spent wwith Roni and can and will look back at those precious times.

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