Manipulation of thread only and of fabric by stitch

I have finished all my traditional embroidered presents and projects and find that I miss the serendipitous results of good old-fashioned experimentation and play session! I love hand embroidery and the feel of fabric and thread passing through my fingers as I shift the piece around.

Mandala of 'Air stitching'
Mandala of ‘Air stitching’

Now, I am also going to experiment by manipulating fabric by stitch and thread only manipulation! My first little mandala was a sample to practice the strange feeling of hand embroidery sans fabric – air stitching as I call it. Feels a little weird, but I know I will feel more at home with it as I progress with the samples.

Stitchstrata 2

The stitches that are chosen are crucial to the fabrication of ‘air stitching. The foundation or outline threads have to be connected and using stitches that can be looped or knotted to one another are essential.  I also discovered that extra layers of threads can be added as you go to build depth and to re-enforce the structure.

Close up
Close up

The resulting piece is quite sturdy and I will make a wire circle as a frame and bind it.



2 thoughts on “Manipulation of thread only and of fabric by stitch”

  1. I saw your piece on stichin fingers and was very curious about your work. So I peeked on your flickr page and on your blog. Fascinating, really! I love the way you use colors and create the surface, very inspiring!!

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