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Seeds of something new………….

I have been concentrating of late on trying to draw and enjoying it a great deal, but I must admit to missing the feel  of fabric in my hand and the stitches appearing before my eyes.  I don’t know if this has been at the back of my mind whilst drawing, but the solution to creating a certain piece which has caused me such trouble seems to be a little nearer, now.

The subject of it is quite a serious one and close to my heart.  I think when you are so involved , it can become a mental burden, I feel pressurised to produce a piece that translates the strong emotion that it evokes in me, otherwise, what’s the point?  It would just be another bit of sewing, right?


This time I have an idea that is a departure from my usual representation.  I am going to go totally by the feel of this and there will be 2 parts to this subject.  I can’t say more until I’m further along with it, but I hope I do it justice!

Anyway, enough of ‘serious’  here’s my progress on it for this week.

This, as you will have gathered, is a W.I.P. (work in progress)  so I will post to Sharon B’s site  under the heading Work in progress Wednesdays.  A chance to keep motivated and see what others are creating.

Hope you find the answers to all your own internal questions!

Wishes and stitches

Barbara M


2 thoughts on “Seeds of something new………….”

  1. It is nice to see you stitching again! I share your views that the needle and thread can help us heal wounds, express anger, calm our nerves and of course make a statement. It will be interesting to follow your progress.
    I got some disturbing family news recently and feel the urge to scribble stitch at random, pile the stitches on top of each other to just get an outlet for my mixed emotions.

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