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Further along with my WIP – Faded saphires………………

I think this is going to take longer than envisioned, and I am adding some more dimension to the piece, but the insertions of pewter are proving to be tough on the fingers.  The threads I dyed are just right, not too bright and I have managed to stitch some more seed and Kantha in parts.  The appliqued pieces are dyed Bond-a web on felt still playing with placement and more stitching to do…………  Unfortunately, it’s been a long day and  this shot is bad but will take more further along the line.


little more


10 thoughts on “Further along with my WIP – Faded saphires………………”

  1. Hi Barbara
    I’ve enjoyed reading your webpage and posts. Noticed that you are using platinum in your current project. It isn’t maleable like gold, so it would be very difficult to work with so it will be interesting to see how you manage it. Kind regards, Catherine

    1. Thanks, Catherine, I am actually using Pewter, which is malleable to a certain extent, but is quite heavy, so must be secured well and bedded on felt because of the sharp edges! I didn’t want a garish metal finish and pewter has the advantage of being a lovely aged-looking grey/silver.
      Barbara M

  2. It is strange what the eye/mind conjures up. In this larger photo I see a reptile and love it. I love the peaceful colours and will follow with interest.

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