Lost and Found………………

P1150408I have now integrated the bottom slip for Faded Sapphires………  There was a lot of buttonholing to do, but that had to be the stitch.

The time spent securing these fragile edges was time well spent.  I now have to work out a suitable hanging method for the top, I’m thinking loops with maybe some petal/leaf applique or to just go with a straightforward binding?  What do you think?


I have something rattling around in the background but it hasn’t come to centre stage, yet, it’s keeping me waiting……..


 Many things  just slip away through the missing threads of life’s fabric, but where do these precious things go?

Is there a place for them,  somewhere safe?

What if my  2nd piece  is the answer to these questions and also a response to the piece itself??

It will be.



4 thoughts on “Lost and Found………………”

  1. The buttonhole edges WERE well worth the effort. Was it meditative stitiching?
    For the top I would use a solid undulating edge to give the impression of things falling down, out of the picture.
    Where do the precious things in life go? I think they leave us, change their form, and come back in another shape. Like the waves on a beach…

    1. I think that stitching, whilst letting the mind coast in neutral seems to help solve the puzzle, piece by piece
      Thank you, Queenie, as always some pearls of wisdom I can appreciate

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