Into every life, a little rain must fall………………..

This blog is dedicated to serious subjects and I ‘m so sorry to have become one!  Healthwise,  things are not too ‘fine an dandy’ .   I am nursing my poor  husband who has just come out of Hospital after a long-awaited operation.  I am so glad he is on the mend, though it is quite tiring and worrying.

 Sadly, he’ll need to be looking after me, this Summer(depending on the waiting time, of course)

I have seen consultants, had numerous blood tests and lung function tests, because of lingering chest infections and a racking cough( some of them were fun)

 I have now discovered, whilst looking for the solution to a totally unconnected problem, that I have a fairly large ovarian cyst – ( not my best day!)

  Feel very tired and uncomfortable, don’t feel like creating anything, can’t seem to get up the interest.  Although, I am toying with the idea of something to reflect how I’m feeling?…..maybe…………maybe not……………

So, upshot is – awaiting lung test results and an operation.  Then, when I’m fit enough,some physiotherapy for  longstanding back/shoulder problems.

Please don’t think this post is a plea for a sympathy vote, only my explanation and apology for lack of posting.

  Hopefully, I will have something to show before Christmas! 🙂

 Barbara M


3 thoughts on “Into every life, a little rain must fall………………..”

  1. We all understand ,and
    I got into art quilts/spirit dolls by having a major health issue.It was my way of coming to terms with what was going on.
    I would suggest ,till you feel like making just be happy with jotting down ideas for future works .
    And at some point you will want to make, having these ideas/concepts jotted down will help you focus on the things that really pinged you while recuperating.

  2. Oops must get my brain serviced ,its obviously got a faulty link …….
    I was going to finish the first line with…….. and will be thinking of you.

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