More waiting and an operation delay possible…………………………………………………..

So fed up!!  I had the pre op. assessment Wednesday and the 18th was pencilled in for the operation.

  BUT, (and there are always one or two attached to any major event in my life).  The outcome of the lung tests will have a bearing on the ability to get this operation done and No-one seems to be able to tell me the results, yet!

My back garden
Just waiting for a break……………..

Have explained this on Wednesday and asked for notification, otherwise the op will be put back until after my chest clinic appointment.  Frankly, I am suffering with this now and things are definitely worse, so I’m just waiting, waiting, waiting for that letter and hoping that nothing stops this operation!

Wish me luck!




  1. i WON’t “like” this! I do hope all goes well and smoothly though, not a thing to be “anticipating” at all. Sending you good good vibes across the long ether.

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