Sometimes, you can be too clever!!

Well!  I’ve been on the NHS ‘Conveyor belt’  and I am now home!

Just getting back here has had  a profound positive effect on my mental attitude.  I didn’t get much sleep in hospital and was in a lot of pain(morphine helped for the immediate 48hrs after the procedures.

The ‘simple’ Laparoscopy and cyst removal that was  scheduled as a 40 minute procedure turned out not to be!  I was under the ether for about 3 hours and I had a feeling things would develop from the worsening symptoms and pain I’d been experiencing..

However, I am now the circuit queen of my own garden!  Started with 6 times round and I am now completing 20 a day.  Yesterday, I went for a 2-21/2 mile walk on the coastal path(even I know, by to-days results, it was rather ambitious of me – but how do you know what you’re capable of unless you give it a go??)

Anyway, I am looking forward to getting stronger each day and the  upside is  I’ve read some excellent books, furthered my knowledge on DSLR photography, had a good sort out of all my stuff and am concentrating on planning walks later in the year.

Hope you are keeping well out there and look forward to catching up with your creative progress!

Best wishes

Barbara X


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