It’s Only Words…………….

Sometimes, words can capture a feeling at a precise moment in time, more accurately than pictures can.
I simply let my feelings flow onto paper – almost like automatic writing.

Later, at my leisure, I re-live those precious times and cherish them.

I have a few personal observations that have been goading me to try to translate them into creative pieces of textile art.

I keep wanting to, but feel they will be lost, or worse still, spoilt during the journey from paper to cloth.

Here is the first –  I don’t know if I will find a way to achieve this.
But they are still my words……..

Heart’s Pocket.

Standing barefoot on the verandah, upon old, warm, dusty boards

Emerald weeping boughs laced with sunlight, softly caress the water’s edge

A first gentle pattering of rain

Slowly melting into delicate fissures wrought by Summer sun.

Leaves tremble and dance with each silver droplet,

Long ribbons of sweet birdsong –  the sublime accompaniment.

Finally, as sole witness to this magical scene,

I greedily hoard it away to a waiting pocket in my heart,

For my soul to feast on, forever.

Barbara M


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