I admit, I’ve slipped up – but it feels right!

slip in place

Puzzling over just how to finish edges on Faded Sapphires  I needed to have the design broken up as it travels downward, it was a start with the reverse applique, and I wanted the bottom edge to be less substantial than the main body of the piece.

Answer, good old fusing and cutting(Thank you, Margaret ūüôā¬† Then, the next problem of¬†using the organza.¬†¬†¬†Even in 2 layers I knew it wouldn’t be substantial enough to attach to the main section and if I attached the traditional style of interfacing it would not be fun burning it(stinks to high heaven).

Yahoo!  Found some Evelon which is suitable and away I went!

Pleased with the look of this and I can integrate with some stitching and may need to look at the bottom right corner for more  cutwork. (Please note the black areas are not really black, just the light playing tricks with this fabric)

Now I have the sides sorted out, there is just the matter of the top and trying more leaf placement.

I want to try to be¬†‘simpatico’¬†with the slip base, but don’t want to overpower the main focus.¬† Should¬†I use loops behind plain top/ add small slip leaves¬† applique two small Sprays over the tabs???

The bottom right corner needs more disintegration – holes/reverse applique/ eyelets?

The little grey cells are SO enjoying this exercise :}

serious subjects

Faded Sapphire of Her Eyes – Stage 3

Strange how sometimes, you think you have it all worked out, quite a straightforward plan – ¬†and then something gets into your head about altering the structure of the piece(just a little bit, I tell myself) don’t want to ¬†take a chance with all those stitches and all that love!

But………..¬† This piece has a personal story to tell and it is a sad one.¬†

The proper title is really¬† ‘The Faded Sapphire of Her Eyes’. It relates to someone very precious to me.¬† I’ve taken quite¬†a long time to¬†approach this and to move forward with it.¬†

This is a slow cloth, in every sense of the word

I’ve been¬†thinking¬† how complex we ¬†human beings are, we possess such fragile¬†layers but these can, at the same time,¬†lay upon¬†powerfully strong emotional foundations.¬†¬†¬†Such an emotive subject deserved more from me and I feel it isn’t there yet.

¬† Trouble is¬†what happened next¬†was purely instinctive, right at the moment I was about to ‘frame and fringe it'(or so I thought) I looked down at¬†an awl had just received in the post for starting book-binding experiments¬†and I suddenly realised that I could add more to this story, by taking something away, strange…………

Anyway, I told myself, it would give more depth to things, so I stabbed the poor piece with the little awl, and cut areas away.  What the hell was I doing? I thought, but it felt right and  the small missing pieces were representational of periods of sadness  which have to heal and mend.

¬†So, I had my answer –¬†¬† the next stage was to heal and mend¬†stitch by stitch.

This is where I’m up to and how long this will take until I feel ready to leave it be, I have no idea, but I will keep on until it feels right to me.


serious subjects

2nd stage Faded Sapphires……………

Detail motif 2nd stage

Making progress now and I’m happy with the dimensional effect the appliqued¬†leaves have given, a¬†2nd placement at the side to balance things and a token few at the base.

Next I’m thinking of a stuffed binding for the sides to keep it soft and blurry¬†with this lovely misty fabric which has a really shiny lustrous finish – torn between the two effects but think the matt with just a sheen is the right choice¬† for it.

IMG_0810 (2)

Then I’m going to experiment with an idea I have for the bottom ‘fringe'(for want of a better word) and the treatment for the sides.¬†¬† Watch this space………………………………

If you need an incentive to finish projects and a little encouragement from like-minded people, hop over to www.pintangle.com and take a look at the Work in progress Wednesday page run by Sharon B!

Barbara M

experimentation, serious subjects

Further along with my WIP – Faded saphires………………

I think this is going to take longer than envisioned, and I am adding some more dimension to the piece, but the insertions of pewter are proving to be tough on the fingers.¬† The threads I dyed are just right, not too bright and I have managed to stitch some more seed and Kantha in parts.¬† The appliqued pieces are dyed¬†Bond-a web on felt still playing with placement and more stitching to do…………¬† Unfortunately, it’s been a long day and ¬†this shot is bad but will take more further along the line.


little more


A little quiet time……….

Managed to find some quiet time to work a little more on this cloth of mine, it seems to be telling me what to add next and I’m listening!

Of the earth of the earth detail

I found inspiration for the strange shapes at the top of the piece from the cream resist areas I tied into the cloth when dyeing it.  I have started part of the central area and just the outline for the large motif at the bottom right(I use this as a sort of rough aide de memoir of the whole thing before the idea melts away).

As it will be hand stitched I¬† think it may very well ¬†become a WIP for 2014.¬† I’m just enjoying free-style stitching¬†and the fabric in my hands without a frame or hoop getting in the way.

Hope you are finding some ‘me time’ too.

Best Wishes