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2nd stage Faded Sapphires……………

Detail motif 2nd stage

Making progress now and I’m happy with the dimensional effect the appliqued leaves have given, a 2nd placement at the side to balance things and a token few at the base.

Next I’m thinking of a stuffed binding for the sides to keep it soft and blurry with this lovely misty fabric which has a really shiny lustrous finish – torn between the two effects but think the matt with just a sheen is the right choice  for it.

IMG_0810 (2)

Then I’m going to experiment with an idea I have for the bottom ‘fringe'(for want of a better word) and the treatment for the sides.   Watch this space………………………………

If you need an incentive to finish projects and a little encouragement from like-minded people, hop over to and take a look at the Work in progress Wednesday page run by Sharon B!

Barbara M


A little quiet time……….

Managed to find some quiet time to work a little more on this cloth of mine, it seems to be telling me what to add next and I’m listening!

Of the earth of the earth detail

I found inspiration for the strange shapes at the top of the piece from the cream resist areas I tied into the cloth when dyeing it.  I have started part of the central area and just the outline for the large motif at the bottom right(I use this as a sort of rough aide de memoir of the whole thing before the idea melts away).

As it will be hand stitched I  think it may very well  become a WIP for 2014.  I’m just enjoying free-style stitching and the fabric in my hands without a frame or hoop getting in the way.

Hope you are finding some ‘me time’ too.

Best Wishes